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Not tiring of defeat leads to victory

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Senju Shunga Prints

All my Shunga and Irezumi prints are available from Kintaro Publishing. New prints are constantly added to the collection. High quality printing provided by people with dedication for the art and the culture surrounding it.

Shunga print by Senju Horimatsu
Read about my thoughts around this Irezumi and Shunga print.
Shunga print by Senju Horimatsu

Read about this Senju Horimatsu Irezumi Shunga print.

Downsizing. For obvious reasons.

emma, jigoku, hell, japanese hell, buddhist hell

“Emma-o” as part of a bodysuit portrait that I am currently working on. This will be the center piece of a large “Jigoku” (Jap. buddhist hell) scene.

As some of you might have already noticed I have erased my Instagram account permanently. This means that this website is the only place to see my work or follow my progress as an artist. The reason for deleting my account is obvious. Just stop and think about it.

As far as my @senjushunga account is concerned this will be deleted at a later stage, most likely sometime in august. For the same obvious reason.

Things are about to go crazy 🙂

shunga, kimono, erotic, erotica, irezumi, japanese tattoo, umeå, sensual art, erotic art, porn, japanese porn,  kick, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tattoo, tattooed girls, tattooed women, erotic tattoo

“Kikubatake” shunga painting by Senju Horimatsu. The girl is showing tattoo designs in the new “Wasou” style and school that is being established by Senju Horimatsu and Anna Sandberg in Umeå, Sweden.

As many of you perhaps already have figured out I am slowly evolving my tattooing style into something completely new. After 26 years of tattooing and 17 of those creating traditional Japanese tattoos, time has come for metamorphosis. Remaining unchanged in this universe is an exercise in futility that I am not comfortable partaking in.

After so many years of intense study, exploring Japanese culture and history, constantly tattooing, writing, making books, painting and designing I have come to certain conclusions. These are now about to take shape in reality as I, together with my wife Anna, am about to create our own school. This will by no means be a mishmash of a series of happy mistakes forming themselves in a certain direction, but rather a well thought out style with many influences from Japanese art and culture as well as more ethereal considerations.

Progress and discoveries will be published on the Senju Shunga website and in the forthcoming web based Sumi Magazine. Be sure to follow the blog at Senju Shunga and also bookmark  Sumi Magazinei . Things will indeed go crazy 🙂

Japanese Crow with Sakura

karasu, Japanese crow, bird tattoo, cherry blossom, sakura

A Karasu (Japanese crow) on a sakura (cherry blossom) branch. Irezumi tattoo and photo made in Leeds, march 2016 by Senju Horimatsu.


After a couple of weeks on the road together with my love and partner in art, Anna, I am now back in Umeå, Sweden. Paris and Leeds were void of snow but here it still remain in stubborn piles, as if wanting to mock spring for yet another couple of weeks. I thought I would get used to this way of things but I guess I am simply not a winter persona and I long for the singing of birds and the green greeting me in the morning. Nevertheless, being at home has rarely seemed so treasurable as these days, and I am dearly looking forward to working at our home base Vackra Ting in a more focused manner than before. Perhaps spring will arrive quicker if I tease it with new creative dances.


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