Not Tiring of Defeat Leads to Victory.

Irezumi by Senju Horimatsu

I started tattooing around 1991. Seems like yesterday and ages ago. When seriously starting to search for my own true form, Japanese culture and art found me, bringing along with them this path I refer to as Irezumi. This journey has been filled with wondrous things. Things and treasures found by the side of the road become parts of an everyday way of grappling with life. For me, emotion and content has always been the jewels in box where I keep my heart. These riches are not for hoarding and stacking neatly in hidden warehouses of the ego, but rather to be shared with anyone that needs them. I invented nothing. Merely borrowed and stole, re-arranging the world to my understanding and liking.

I have been creating Japanese tattoos exclusively for the past 15 years and will most likely continue to explore, experience and grow through this artistic medium until I reach the Big Nothing. Japanese traditional tattoos needs considerable measures of time in order to reach completion. This gallery will slowly grow and continue to expand as pieces are brought to conclusion. For recent works in the making as wells as what is generally going through my mind and world, please read my blog

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