Information and advice for clients.

Minimum Age: 18 year.

Session Fee: 1800 SEK/ hour.

Hourly fee

The effective time charged by Horimatsu is from when a session is actually started, and not just tattooing time. This means that setting up equipment, drawing on the skin etc also equals session time. For the travelling client all consultation work before the actual session is best handled via email. If a client have the possibility to come to the office for a personal consultation, the first consultation hour is free. If the client wishes further consultation this is charged using the hourly session fee.

Horimatsu works speedily and is highly focused on the practical task at hand. You will realize that the hourly session fee is a moderate one. Payment is provided in cash after each individual session, via a PDF invoice in your email or using your credit card via izettle. If a client wishes to pay in advance this can be done via bank transfer. We will email you an invoice stating the correct amount for the hours reserved. If additional hours are done during a visit the remaining amount can be paid either in cash or using a valid credit card.

A deposit is necessary for travelling clients. This will consist of 4 hours of session fee prepaid to Horimatsu’s swedish bank account via bank transfer. He will email an invoice with the necessary information for this procedure. If the new client cancels the appointment on short notice this deposits covers some loss of income. If the client has a valid reason for cancelling please let hm know. Email Horimatsu at  supplying your flight booking number etc as validation of your planned visit. A number of links to local accomodations and hotels in varying priceranges is supplied at the bottom of this document.

If your session is not within 5 days, please allow 7-14 days for Horimatsu to answer you email. In summer time the answering time can be up to 3 weeks. Horimatsu reserves the right not to start an Irezumi piece in case the client does not appear mature enough to wear such a large piece, or if the personal chemistry in between himself and the client does not seem to be a positive one. This is highly unusual.


Horimatsu always designs for each piece. No copies of other artists Irezumi work is performed. As reference traditional Japanese woodblock prints, paintings, masks etc is used. Horimatsu has a rich and substancial reference library from where to get inspiration. In most cases parts of the design are drawn on paper. However, the large bulk of the design is drawn straight on to the skin, in order to secure the individual works uniqueness as well as the optimal body fit. HOrimatsu will help you find your way and how to combine all the different elements in the traditional japanese tattoo.

It is always helpful to have some kind of starting point as to what the client desires (Dragon, Koi, Hero etc). Horimatsu will then develop that idea into a unique piece drawing on his extensive expertise and knowledge of Irezumi.


A single session can range 2-6 hours. It’s also possible to book sessions for up to 3-4 days in a row. If that is the clients wish, the hours for each individual day should be no more than 4-5 hours. It is common that the travelling client chooses this way of getting tattooed. Getting tattooed for several days in a row is not as hard as one can imagine. It’s also very cost effective and speeds up the completion of the work. During the days at which these repeated sessions take place, Horimatsu has one client only and fully concentrates on that individual piece. This is the preferred method he uses for travelling clients.

Cover Up.

Irezumi clients often have earlier work on them that they wish to cover up as not to disturb the harmony of their new Irezumi piece. Horimatsu has extensive experience in working with cover ups so this is usually no problem. Always expect that the part that is a cover up will take longer to complete and therefore extends the total time somewhat. However, it is recomended to get old work covered up rather than incorporated or worked around. Also, for cover up work Horimatsu reserves the right to choose a fitting design.


Appointments are done via email. Horimatsu rarely asnwer the phone since his focus lies with the present client. Please let him know the desired dates and he will answer within 48 hours. If an aswer is desired more rapidly in the case of perhaps a good priced airplane ticket getting away, please say so in the headline of your email. the waiting list varies and can be anything from 3 weeks up to 4 months.

When getting tattooed.

It’s important to eat and sleep well prior to your appointment. Bring a towel to lie on. Also, bring something to drink and a snack in case energy hits a low. Usually there will be a lunchbreak during a full day of tattooing in order to replenish the energy levels. It is adviced to take some Ibuprofen during the days on which you are getting tattooed as well as a few days after. On the floor beneath the HOrimatsu private studio there is a pharmacy so this can be arranged easily during the first day.


Hotels and Hostels:

Scandic Plaza

Hotell Dragonen

Hotel Old Prison

Hotel Aveny

Hotell Pilen

Umeå Hostel




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